Hillary Clinton Makes TERRIFYING Announcement – She’s Not Done…

After Hillary Clinton suffered a humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the election earlier this month, millions of Americans assumed her presidential dreams were over given the fact that she will be in her mid-70s by the time the White House is up for grabs again. Now, however, reports are coming in claiming that Clinton is strongly considering running for president yet again in 2020.

The Blaze reported that long time White House press corps and Clinton aficionado Ron Fournier took to Twitter on Monday to say that Clinton is trying to keep her options open for a possible run in 2020.

Even if Clinton does run for president again in four years, there’s no guarantee that she will get any further than she did this time. The problems that destroyed her campaign this time around will not go away in four years, and will likely take her down again.

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Liberals, however, are already counting down the days until Clinton can run again, with Streiff at RedState saying that another bid for the White House from her is very plausible:

…you can never go wrong by betting on Bill or Hillary Clinton to engage in craven opportunism. Third, the DNC is owned and operated by the Clintons. It is staffed by Clinton loyalists. It floats on cash raised by the Clinton fundraising apparatus. As we saw this year, if Hillary Clinton decides to put in her dentures, pull on her Depends, and make another White House run in 2020, no one in the DNC is going to stand in her way.

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