BREAKING: Trump Family Hit With Massive Lawsuit Weeks After Election

Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner was hit with a massive $500,000 lawsuit this week over the name of one of his magazines in New York.

Daily Mail reported that Kushner, who is publisher of the New York Observer and runs a company called NY Luxury Publishing, is being sued by one of his competitors who claims his Scene in New York magazine violates trademark laws. The plaintiff has been identified as Gregg Moramarco, who says Kushner and several other parties started printing “Scene in New York” in 2013, seven years after he claims he started printing his own “Scene in New York” in May of 2006.


The suit states that Moramarco is seeking damages “believed to be in excess of $500,000” for the alleged trademark infringement, unfair competition and other counts. He says Kushner and the other defendants are still using the magazine name to “take advantage of Moramarco’s reputation.”

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The other defendants in the suit include Ny Luxury Publishing, NY Observer, Joseph Meyer, Patrick McMullan, McMullan Co, Julie Dannenberg, Peter David and Thomas Plunkett.

Kushner’s Scene in New York is described as a monthly magazine that explores fashion, interior design and social events.

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