Damning Video Comes Back To Haunt Hillary After Trump Calls For Flag Burning To Be BANNED

Liberals everywhere are up in arms today after Donald Trump announced plans to make burning the American flag against the law. While Hillary Clinton tried to hop on the bandwagon of attacking Trump, a video has surfaced today that has effectively silenced the former Democratic presidential candidate on this issue.

It all started on Tuesday morning, when Trump tweeted that he plans to make burning the American flag a criminal offense.

The liberal media has slammed Trump for this Tweet, but they are conveniently forgetting that Clinton herself once cosponsored a bill calling for the exact same thing.

The Political Insider reported that Clinton teamed up with three other Democrats in 2005 to co-sponsor a law that would have prohibited burning or otherwise destroying and damaging the US flag with the primary purpose of intimidation or inciting immediate violence. The law, which was shot down in congress, would have punished flag burners with up to one year in jail and a $100,000 fine.

Now, footage has emerged of Clinton praising the bill in front of Congress in 2006.

While Media OBSESSES Over Melania, Trump Received The BEST Possible News! HAIL TO THE CHIEF!

So I hope, Mr. President, that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and desecration,” Clinton stated. “I agree that this burning, this desecration that can happen to our flag is something that people have a right to ask this body to try to prohibit and prevent.”

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