Shocking: Media Covering UP Huge Political Pedophile Ring!

Over ten years ago in an interview comedian Dave Chappelle alluded to evil influences and powerful groups that could make or break his career–and anyone else’s.

You can–and should–watch the whole segment for yourself, but the upshot is this:

There was something aired by 60 Minutes Australia that their American counterparts would never dream of doing, “in America and the UK, the global pedophile network (GPN) controls high ranking politicians, the MSM, leading FBI, CIA, and law enforcement officials.”

Beyond that, of course, once you really start to investigate all this, you realize just how massive the conspiracy and corruption are. And once you realize what you–what the victims, what honest law enforcement officers, what honest reporters, and, really, what all people of good will–are up against, then you either give up or decide to take the “slow and steady wins the race” approach.

Consider just the Clinton/Weiner faction of this sex cartel:

Details emerged over the weekend [ca. November 4] that 10k emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop were held in a folder titled “Life Insurance” and that he is cooperating with the FBI investigation. Was this Weiner’s “Dead Man’s Switch”?

Whistleblowers typically hold highly incriminating information that they use as “life insurance” which can prevent an untimely death, unusual accident  or “suicide“. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Steven Green and other whistleblowers are know to hold such information.

Or look at the older evidence of this dark conspiracy in America and beyond:

For years it’s been rumored that the globalist elite are involved in some pretty strange practices, from mock sacrificing a baby at Bohemian Grove to the testimony that a child was actually murdered in a Bohemian Grove ritual. The testimony and evidence in this article prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations of Bohemian Grove are just the tip of the iceberg. …

In another case called “The Finders,” Director Gunderson claimed CIA connected “elite” were kidnapping and drugging kids in an operation called Operation Brownstone.

What are your thoughts on this?