Video: Muslim Road Rager Starts A Fight With A Texan – Big Mistake

A Muslim man who had road rage learned the hard way not to mess with Texans.

The incident occurred in Houston where two drivers started verbally abusing one another. All of a sudden, the 42 year old Muslim man exited his vehicle and started swinging violently towards the Texan.


Bystanders were worried after seeing the size and anger of the man, but a single pop stopped him right in his tracks. The Texan knew his life was in danger so he pulled out his gun and shut the man in the face.

According to Mad World News, Naim was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where doctors found that he was partially paralyzed. They told the press that he was only being kept alive by machines, and he eventually died of his injuries.

Meanwhile, Klimek was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but his lawyers are already claiming that it was self defense.

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Muslim groups are in uproar over this. What are your thoughts?